Despite having been in the beta phase since 2017, Escape From Tarkov still draws in a huge number of players each week. In case you are still hesitant to join in the shooting fest, here are 5 awesome reasons to give Escape From Tarkov a try before its official release.

Escape From Tarkov

1. The settings

The settings

Escape From Tarkov, or EFT for short, is set in the fictional city of Tarkov, a city at war from different factions. Inspired by the Purge trilogy, anarchists should find the game very entertaining fighting against ruling factions.

The settings 1

The EFT open-world is greatly attended to by the devs. Divided into 6 areas, including Factory, Customs, Woods, Shoreline, Interchange, The Lab, and Reserve, each part is given its unique designs to bring out the city’s dilapidated atmosphere, while still being realistic enough that you can mistake a screenshot of the game with any shot taken from any war-torn city.

2. The graphics

The graphics

Graphics are another standout aspect of EFT, being detailed enough to show even the tiniest speck of blood splatter on your screen. The devs also put massive efforts into differentiating in-game designs between different factions, with the United Security (USEC) faction using Nato-based weapons, while the Battle Encounter Assault Regiment (BEAR) players are identified by Russian firearms.

3. The grind

The grind

Grinding is the least favorite part of any MMOs, due to the huge amount of playing hours needed to find their needed resources. EFT has an extensive shoot-for-loots system that allows up to 1,500+ playing hours of PvE to clean up all the current loot. That, combined with the loot you get for taking the enemy camp, guarantees sufficient in-game resources.

The grind

Or, for impatient people, you can directly pay for the necessary loot. This saves you more time gearing up and lets you get good gears for PvP. Keep in mind that the game consistently launches new promos, including an Escape From Tarkov promo code, which can drastically lower the price of your purchase when redeemed.


4. The battle system

The battle system

EFT’s battle system shares many common traits with a typical first-person-shooting survival game. Other than running and shooting, the controlling system allows you free control your character, with smooth speed when changing stances and transitions, as well as leaning and proning.

The battle system 1

The beauty of EFT’s battle system is its employment of realistic ballistics. That means other than aiming for an enemy to score a hit, you can also employ ballistics physics like ricochet to creatively take out an enemy.

Realism is carefully threaded into the game weapon system. Other than the classic reloading, aiming, charging and, of course, shooting, your weapon will jam, overheat, and wear out, making combat a lot more realistic than just idly aim and shoot.

5. The updates

The updates

For 3 years, EFT consistently releases patches each week, perfecting the game using the players’ suggestions and feedback as benchmarks. This, in turn, makes the EFTs player base a part of the world-building process.

Problems such as slow connections and disconnected during gameplay are quickly patched when discovered, usually via short updates to get the server back on ASAP, allowing players to not miss out on quests. 

The updates 1

While the game is still in its beta phase, meaning it will continue to be perfected with each patch. This includes introducing new mechanics via weapons, and new regions in the open world for exploration. At the moment, EFT is trying hard to finish its newest section: the streets. Upon its finish, players can expect more efficient sniper-style plays.

If you are into role-playing MMOs like Hellcase, then EFT is the game for you. Keep in mind that the game consistently launches new promos, including an Escape From Tarkov promo code, which can drastically lower the price of your purchase when redeemed.