When is Halloween 2022? 


Halloween is one of the biggest holidays in many countries in the world. Halloween 2022 is on Monday, October 31. There are so many interesting activities waiting for you to explore.

Some Facts about Halloween

Halloween has gone through so many years to become an exciting time for all people, especially children. They dress up as the characters they like, enjoy parties, and play trick and treating. But not everyone knows that the holiday originally started as Samhain, a Celtic festival in which revelers lit bonfires and wore masks and costumes in order to ward off evil spirits.

All Hallows Eve or Halloween occurs during the end of the summer harvest and before the beginning of the coming winter months.

In the past, this occasion had otherworldly entities and seasons with darkness, which lead to popular Halloween costumes and decor being dark and ghostly. Over time, Halloween has become more of a holiday for young children to have a fun time enjoying candy, carving, and even scares.

Gradually, the holiday has become one of the most spent holidays in the US and the UK due to the increasing commercialization.

Halloween Horror Nights

Together with Universal Orlando, Halloween Horror Nights present one of the nation’s most elaborate Halloween celebrations. There are specially designed haunted houses, inescapable scare zones, and hundreds of street performers. 

When Do People Start Buying on Halloween?


Like other major holidays, the shopping season starts earlier over the years. Many people try to get Halloween coupons and deals as they have to prepare many things for the important holiday to get their desired costume.

What are the basic things you need in preparation for Halloween?

With billions of dollars spent on the holiday, this is where all the spendings go.

Costumes. Of course, costumes are indispensable on the Halloween holiday. What is intriguing is that men spend more than their female counterparts in buying Halloween costumes.

Candy. Similar to costumes, candy is one of the largest portions of spending dollars for the Halloween holiday.

Decorations. It appears that Halloween celebrators enjoy decorations as much as they do candy.

Greeting cards. While not nearly one of the top greeting card holidays of the year, many people still purchase greeting cards for friends and family to celebrate Halloween.

Unique Halloween Costumes 2022

Halloween Sale

The most popular purchases on Halloween are costumes, and the choices to make are as diverse as the population that wears them. So what were the most popular costume choices in recent years? In the United States and the United Kingdom, the top Halloween costumes for children and adults include:

  • Superheros
  • Princess
  • Animal
  • Star Wars Characters
  • Witch
  • Pirates
  • Ghosts
  • Vampires
  • Zombies
  • Villans
  • Fairies
  • Vixens

The Halloween season is popular for people of any age. When breaking down costume purchases by the percentage of dollars spent, it is shown that: Adult costumes lead as the highest dollar amount purchased. Children's costumes are the second-highest and pet costumes have the lowest amount of dollars spent.

Halloween Shopping Online

Top Halloween Stores 2022

There has been a significant increase in Halloween sales when it comes to children and pet costumes thanks to the convenience and low prices of online shopping. As for adult costumes, in-store purchases tend to be more popular as people want to try on the items before making a decision of buying them. There are more and more online shoppers buying party supplies, especially home decor pieces.

There is good news for all of you who're seeking Halloween items at the best price, here below are the top Halloween stores that our customers rate as high-star.

Halloween Express

Halloween Express provides a large collection of Halloween costumes, costume accessories, props and decorations, and much more. You can shop everything for both kids and adults on Halloween Express online store. 
Halloween Express offers free shipping on orders of $49+ and other coupons and deals on Halloween Sale 2022. Shopping on Halloween Express and you can save a lot of money this year. 

The Halloween Spot

Founded as a year-round Online Apparel Store, The Halloween Spot is a trustworthy online retailer that offers Halloween Costumes, Accessories, and Wigs for all ages and all genders.
With thousands of Halloween Costumes and accessories to choose from, everyone will get the right look, including Scary Outfits, Sexy Costumes, Zombie Costumes, Pirate Costumes, Flapper Costumes, Gangster Costumes, Hippie costumes. Be unique and build your own outfits by combining your own unique look. Match your costume accessories with outfits and build unique witch outfits, pirate outfits, time period costumes, or zombie costumes that everyone will talk about.

The store always provides with customers many Halloween coupons and deals to help them get their favorite items at discounted prices. Therefore, The Halloween Spot is always a favorite address for everyone to shop Halloween costumes and everything else. 

Spirit Halloween

With around 1,400 stores open across the United States and Canada for the Halloween season, Spirit is the largest Halloween store franchise in the nation. Open since 1983, Spirit Halloween offers a unique, frightfully fun experience unlike any other store in the business. You'll find an exclusive selection of products that can't be found anywhere else, and our top-of-the-line animatronics and decorations will surely remind you why Halloween can be so much fun. In fact, so much fun, it's scary! For many people, the opening of the Spirit Halloween stores in their town marks the start of the Halloween season, and for good reason. And thanks to our convenient online store, you can shop anytime, anywhere throughout the entire year—because here at Spirit, we understand that some of our die-hard fans truly celebrate Halloween every day of the year.

So, if you're ready to make this Halloween the best one ever, then Spirit Halloween is here to offer you a wide variety of Halloween costumes, Halloween decorations, Halloween props, Animatronics, and more! Spirit Halloween is so much fun...it's scary! Besides, the store doesn't make you disappointed when offering many Halloween discounts. Hence, don't hesitate to take your favorite products at a discount with coupon codes, voucher codes, and discount codes that Spirit Halloween offers. 

Halloween Land

Chicagoland’s Largest Selection of Costumes, Accessories, and more!
Halloween Land provides Halloween costumes, and accessories for adults, kids, and even pets! The store is your one-stop shop with the largest selection of unique adult and kids Halloween costumes, and accessories! Top Halloween costumes for children this year include Baby Shark, LOL, and superheroes such as Batman and the Avengers.

The store offers an incredible and unique selection of over 100 masks which is from the movies for all horror movie fans, as well as an abundance of creepy masks to delight any young heart. In addition, don't miss out on any attractive coupons and deals for your Halloween shopping journey because there are many promo codes the store offers in Halloween Sale

Where to Buy the Cheapest Halloween Candy?

Halloween Candy Sale

The best time to buy candy is, of course, the day after Halloween when all the stores have epic sales to clear shelves for Christmas decorations. These are the best deals from major retailers that offer the best prices on Halloween candies. The tip is you should always buy in bulk whenever possible, in order to save more on each individual item. These are the best candy providers:


Amazon is the best store for shopping for Halloween candies. 

If you're an Amazon Prime member, take advantage of your two-day shipping. Make sure you're ordering from the actual candy retailer, not a third-party seller, which could be dangerous because it's not packaged to the company's same standards.


Don't overlook the $5-and-under section in the front of the store! Not only do they have under-the-radar deals on adorable Halloween decorations you didn't know you needed, but your local Target may also have some cheap candy in there, too.


Pay attention to the piece count or pounds! While these variety bags cost around the same as others on the market, Walmart is pretty varied in terms of how many candies you're getting. Leave no trick-or-treater behind, and make sure you're getting as many candies as possible.

Sam's Club

These seasonal packs of fun-sized candy are perfect for trick-or-treaters, but don't skip the regular bulk section of Sam's Club! Don't be afraid to buy full-sized candy bars, especially if you don't get too many trick-or-treaters. You'll only have to give out one each and you'll be the coolest house on the street.

Party City

Party City offers a three-for $12 promotion on specially marked bags of fun-size Halloween treats — so those might be your best bargain if you want a variety of treats from a one-stop shop. Besides, you can also buy coffee products to sip and enjoy at the Halloween party, creating a more wonderful Halloween evening. 

7 Tips to Save on Halloween

Halloween is the occasion of the year when everyone expects to have a fun time with family and friends. At the same time, people also need to prepare tons of things for the holiday. That's why we need tips to save money on Halloween. GoCouponing is here to provide you with the top seven ways to save this Halloween.

1. Buy Bulk Candy

Instead of choosing the overpriced brand name assortments, you can save a lot of money by simply buying individually wrapped bulk candy. Make sure that you buy individually wrapped candies, parents will avoid letting children try loose candies because of tampering concerns.

2. Make Your Own Costumes

This might not be a feasible idea for everyone, but you can come up with creative ideas for your children's costumes without having to go to the party store and purchase a prepackaged costume. Encourage your children to join the creative process and you can be amazed at their ideas.

3. Make/Recycle Decorations

You can save a significant amount of money by making your own Halloween decorations out of inexpensive craft materials and leftover project materials you may have around the house. Old boxes, construction paper, leftover fabric, or worn-out clothes… with a little glue, paint, and markers, they can be made into tombstones, spiders, ghosts, and other timeless classics.

4. Use Thrift/Dollar Stores

There are plenty of costumes and decorations for the creative-minded soul at affordable prices you can find at thrift stores. Dollar stores are also a great source of simple decorations and materials you need. Go early, or the selection will be picked over.

5. Pool Your Resources

 A great way to get more life out of materials without having to do the same thing every year is finding a group of friends with whom you can share decorations and costume pieces.

6. Bring-Your-Own Parties

 If you are hosting a party, try making it a bring-your-own buffet. Your guests may surprise you with tasty holiday treats, and if not… well, what could be more frightening than a mystery casserole? Turn it to your advantage with a creative ingredient list: Eye of Newt, and a dash of powdered toenails…

7. Take advantage of coupon codes at coupon sites

Websites like GoCouponing.com are amazing sources for users to get the best deals and promo codes that are updated on a daily basis. We collect and provide users with amazing deals when the Halloween sale seasons come. GoCouponing.com can be your companion in every shopping experience.

Get an extra level of Halloween enjoyment this year by having a great time and saving money in the process. You will enjoy the glow of a fatter bank account, and you probably will not feel nearly as guilty when you raid your children's Halloween candy after they go to sleep.